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The perfect way for you to learn the basics of riding and to hone your racing skills all the way to the top of the podium is on the KAYO MiniGP MR125 Race Bike. The KAYO MiniGP MR125 offers you a perfect balance of performance and affordability giving it tremendous value as a race bike and training platform for both the aspiring GP Star and the weekend warrior alike.

Why Race Kayo MR125 Mini-GP?

In the early 1990’s MiniGP racing with 12″ wheel GP styled small bore motorcycles was hugely popular. As the price of the Big Brand motorcycles increased fewer people were able to get involved and with the banning of 2-stroke motorcycles in many locations around the world new motorcycles were no longer available for MiniGP Racing.

During this time period in the 1990’s and beyond many great motorcycle racers came out of the MiniGP Racing World. Top rider names such as the Late Great Nicky Hayden, Colin Edwards, Jake Zemke, John Hopkins, Miguel DuHammel, Jprge Lorenzo, Marc Marques, Valentino Rossi, Troy Bayliss, Casey Stoner, Matt Malladin and many, many more Awesome Riders and Racers have all used MiniGP racing motorcycles to learn, build and hone their skills on the way to racing in bigger venues with higher levels of competition.

The Kayo MiniGP MR125 has been designed to fill the current void by providing easy access to a quality racing and training motorcycle at a very affordable price.

Riding a MiniGP MR125 race bike teaches the rider all the same techniques as those used while riding bigger superbikes or full on GP race bikes.

Because the MiniGP motorcycles are ridden on smaller karting sized tracks the lower top speed makes pushing yourself and the bike to the limits much less risky than riding bigger motorcycles, and allows the rider to confidently explore the limits of the motorcycle and themselves.

The lower entry level and operating costs allow more people to get involved by making a very economical investment in their KAYO MiniGP MR125.

MiniGP racing is for riders from 7 years old and up with many of the enthusiasts worldwide being 70+ Year Old Adult Riders and Many Parents wanting to share a bond and a sporting activity with their son or daughter. This can easily be a family sport your whole crew can enjoy and participate in together building lifetime skills and memories.

These are perfect motorcycles for younger riders to learn on and could be a stepping stone for greater things to come.

For the older or more experienced riders it is a great way to get out and race on Sunday and still be able to go to work the next day with confidence.

MiniGP Racing is a great way to get out and have fun meeting new friends through the camaraderie in the pits or bonding with your family as you put together your own team.

This is the year to Go KAYO! See you at the track and on the podium! 🙂

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