12 O'clock Labs SpeedoDRD Plug and Play Speedometer Calibration

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SpeedoDRD Model S1 for the Suzuki Vstrom Bikes 2002 - 2021 is Plug & Play. And any motorcycle
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  • The smallest electronic speedometer/odometer calibration device in the world.
  • Saves max speed, which can be recalled to your stock speedometer gauge.
  • Widest calibration range on the market (ratio based and multiplier/divider capability).
  • Built in testing mode to ensure proper installation.
  • Easier to setup than any other device on the market.
  • Simple plug-in installation for many vehicles using factory OEM connectors.
  • Works for any 3 wire Hall Effect Sensor, or 2 wire Ground Switch Sensors.
  • Works for vehicles which display MPH or KPH.
  • Ability to convert MPH to KPH, or KPH to MPH.
  • Ratio based correction in 0.1% steps, up to 99.9% + or -
  • Fractional frequency multiplier & divider with 0.1 steps, up to 99.9 + or -
  • Weather proof design to protect against the elements.
  • 18" wiring harness (1.5ft).
  • 3 year product replacement warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
The SpeedoDRD for all Suzuki V-Stroms and many other Suzuki Motorcycles is Stocked and Ready to Ship to you today.

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This is the fastest and easiest way to get your Speedometer reading right for you including when you do gearing changes.
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