17 Inch 2022 series Pro Level, 3 Temperature Tire Warmers for GP125 Race Bikes and Mini-Motard on 90 Front and 95 Rear Tires- RS125

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SV Racing Parts, 2022 series Pro Level, High Quality 3 TemperatureTire Warmers for GP125 RS125, Moriwaki, Tianda TDR300 Style Race Bikes and Mini-Motard Race Bikes Running 17 Inch Wheels.

These Tire Warmers allow the Small Bore Racers to use the Same High Quality Tire Warmer as the Big Bike Road Racers,

These Tire Warmers are made for use with 90/95/100 Front Race Tires and with the 95/100/115/120/125 Rear Race Tires. Shipped in both Front and Rear Tire Warmer sets.

These Awesome Tire Warmers are Specifically Sewn to fit the Bridgestone, and Pirelli and Dunlop 125 Slicks and DOT Tread Style Race Tire Sizes at an affordable price.

Every set is Manufactured with Nomex and Kevlar Construction and comes with a Fully Aluminized Layer to Spread the Heat evenly across your tires and keep them at right temperature and they Come with Deep Side Curtains to Hold and Drive the heat all the way to your rims.

The Set Includes Front and Rear Tire Warmers with a great looking Carrying Bag to make storage and Transportation easy,

Sewn to work with the shape and size of your bikes tires makes installing and removing these Tire Warmers super easy, Leave them on your bike in-between sessions to reduce heat cycles.

Come with Preset Tire Temperatures at your Manufacturers 180 Degree Recommended Hot Tire Temperatures so you can Focus on Racing and Winning

Carrying Bag is included. It is sized for two tire warmers to fit into ready for packing and storage.

Everything is in stock and ready to ship,

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