200 Series, SVRP Pro Level, 3 Temperature Tire Warmers, New 2020 Series 120 Front -200 Rear Tire

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SV Racing Parts, New 200 Sized Rear, SVRP Pro Level, 3 Temperature Tire Warmers: The New 2020 Series 120 Front -200 Rear Tire 2020 Model for the 200 series Tire Warmers comes with 3 Temperature 120 Front and 200 Rear Tire Warmers.

These 3 Way, toggle switch controlled, Temperature Adjustable Racing Tire Warmers allow you to change the operating temperature of the 200 Series tire warmers to suit your needs and weather conditions.

These are Excellent Parts that will serve you well.

The Set Includes Front and Rear Tire Warmers with the 3 Way Toggle Setting Temperature Control and a great looking Carrying Bag to make storage and Transportation easy,

The adjustable setting allows you to safely heat Rain Tires and Save and Control Heat Cycles in-between sessions.

Set your Tire Temperatures at your Manufacturers Recommended Temperatures and Focus on Racing.

Carrying Bag is included. It is sized for two tire warmers to fit into ready for packing and storage.

Super Value on High Quality Digital Tire Warmers Built to Perform for Champions.

Everything is in stock and ready to ship, Let me know the size you want by selecting from the Drop Down Boxes, These are excellent parts that will serve you well,

We Ship Internationally Every Day, Visit www.svracingparts.com

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