Banjo Bleeders for Vstrom Master Cylinders

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SV Racing Parts, High Quality Banjo Bleeders will bring your Bikes Front Brake Master Cylinder, Rear Brake Master Cylinder and your Bikes Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder up to standard.

The SV Racing Parts, High Quality Banjo Bleeders allow you to bleed and maintain your Brakes and Hydraulic Clutch from the top where all the tiny air bubbles tend to migrate to and remain trapped at the Master Cylinder over time and with the pressure of your brake lines.

These Banjo Bleeders make both the initial bleeding and the ongoing maintenance of your brakes and clutch quick and easy.

Choose the correct CT or FT Thread Pitch and Single or Double Banjo Bleeder for your Single OEM Line at the Master Cylinder or for your Dual SS Brake Lines at the Master Cylinder.

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