Clip On Bar End Sliders with Black Replaceable Pucks for Motorcycles

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Brand: Woodcraft
For Motorcycle Brand: All

SV Racing Parts, Bar End Sliders fit all SV Racing Parts Clip On Bars and all Woodcraft Clip on Bars and all motorcycle bars with a 5/8'' or 16.5mm inner diameter and work great for replacing OEM Bar End Weights .

With OEM Bars the maximum effort required is use your hand drill and size your OEM Bars to accept the expandable Inserts for the Bar End Sliders.

The perpendicular mount mount bolt eliminates the need to dig plastic out of the puck after a crash making Puck Replacement a sweet and easy super quick operation.

These are excellent parts that will serve you well,

These are Excellent Parts that will serve you well; Everything is in Stock and Ready to Ship!!

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