DL1000 2014 and Newer Black SS Brake Lines Kits

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Specifically designed and fitted for the 2014 and Newer DL1000 Models. These Lifetime Guaranteed Galfer Black SS Extended Front Brake Line Kits also provide the Extended Brake Line required to accommodate the GenMar or other up and back Handle Bar Risers.

DL1000 SS Clutch Line is included with this Kit, Awesome Value.

These SS Lines are 2 Inches Longer than the regular SS DL1000 models. The SV Racing Parts Extended Black SS Front Brake Lines allow you to mount Handle Bar Risers or go to wider aftermarket bars.

I worked together with Galfer to develop this 6 Line Extended SS ABS Brake Line Kit and made it available to all Vstrom Riders worldwide, From SV Racing Parts to save my fellow Stromtroopers the $10 Custom Line Fees for our bikes.

The SS Line Kit comes with all the requisite Hardware including the SS Banjo Bolts and New Crush Washers, Stromtrooper Priced at $199.95 in Silver or Black SS to match all of our other Lines and Controls.

Other Custom Colors from Galfer can be ordered through SV Racing Parts at no extra cost to my Fellow Stromtroopers and Vstrom Riders worldwide.

The available option of the CT Singl Banjo Bleeder allows you to bleed and maintain your Front Brakes from the top at the master cylinder where all the tiny air bubbles tend to migrate and remain trapped contributing to the spongy feel in our brake levers that periodically develops.

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