DL1000 Scotts Stabilizer 2002 - 2013 Model Years

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Scotts Performance Stabilizer Steering Damper, Racer and High Performance Rider Designed, This one is for the DL1000 2002 - 2013 Model Years.

Use the Rox 2 Inch Rotating Risers with 1" Stack option from the drop down boxes if you want to use Risers and the Scotts Stabilizer for the ultimate combination on your bike,

Extended SS Line Kits for all of our bikes also in stock and ready to ship,

Choose the CT Double Banjo Bleeder to make Bleeding and Maintaining your DL10000Brakes so much easier and Quicker,

Choose the CT Single Banjo Bleeder for DL1000 SS Clutch Line Kit, It will save you so much time and the transformation in the feel of your clutch while you do the Slow Speed Clutch - Throttle Control Maneauvers needs to be felt to be really fully appreciated,

Many Applications Available for many bikes so email me at info@svracingparts.com and I will get you set up for whatever bike you are riding right away, These are the Gold Standard of Steering Stabilizers

After 41 years of competitive riding and racing experience, I can personally attest that Scotts is the highest performing and most versatile Steering Stabilizer, Damper System, that I have ever used,

This one gets my personal seal of excellence, and recommendation,

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