DL650 DL1000 Replacement Motoslider Frame Slider Pucks

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Replacement MotoSlider Frame Slider Pucks for our SV Racing Parts, DL650 DL1000 All Model Years Frame Sliders, by MotoSliders. Available as Left or Right Side Black Frame Slider Pucks.

Video on Installing the SV Raciing Parts, Vstrom Frame Sliders

The DL Frame Slider features a single through bolt that goes through the entire frame and engine.

This creates the VERY Strongest Possible Mounting Point on both the DL650 and DL1000 Suzuki Motorcycles.

The 12mm custom made 8.8 grade hardened steel bolt is zinc plated for corrosion resistance and by far stronger than the OEM engine through bolts.

Replacement Pucks and Bolts are Available and Sold Separately.

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