Gen 2 SV650 - SV1000 Motion Pro Revolver Quick Turn Throttle

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Excellent Parts. This new Push - Pull Throttle Kit is a required accessory for all racers and high performance riders who want the best out of their motorcycle. It lets you tune the amount of throttle twist to hit wide open throttle with minimum effort to match your riding style.

This kit is intended for the 2003 - 2012 SV650 and for all model years SV1000 as well.

For the Gen 1 1999 - 2002 SV650 go to the listing for the Euro Throttle to utilize the correct Quick Throttle application. 

Thanks to the Motion Pro Quick Turn Throttle's inter-changeable internal cams you can modify the speed of the Push - Pull Throttle Kit allowing You to Set the Throttle Speed and Control Level that you are looking for.

The Motion Pro Quick Turn Throttle Push - Pull Throttle Kit can be installed with the Run - Stop - Start Switch for bikes that originally come with this control switch integrated in the OEM throttle housing unit.

Required Replacement Run - Stop Start Switches Available from the drop down boxes if you are Using Aftermarket Clip On Bars.

Email me directly at for questions on availability for your bike model and year.

Product Features:

Innovative reel changing system allows you to tailor your throttle rate to riding conditions and rider preference.

  • Kit includes four reel sizes: 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, and 50mm
  • Use smaller reels for slower throttle rate and larger reels for faster throttle rate
  • Unique reel design allows fast reel changes without having to readjust cables
  • Billet aluminum inline cable adjusters for easy installation and adjustment
  • Removable setscrew in throttle housing allows for installation on drilled or undrilled handlebars
  • Kit includes complete VR Throttle Assembly and high quality Motion Pro black vinyl cables specifically designed for your bike
  • Sportbike kits include new Motion Pro Road Control grips
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