KAYO - Made in the USA MiniGP MR150R -True 150cc 12.5:1 High Compression Piston Kit

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The Made in the USA!! SV Racing Parts, KAYO MiniGP MR150R - True 150cc 12.5:1 High Compression Piston Kit - is Finally Released and Ready Shipping to Your Door today:

This Awesome: Made in the USA MiniGP MR150R -True 150cc 12.5:1 High Compression Piston Kit has a 12.5:1 High Compression Piston and Made in the USA New Head and Base Gasket Included in the Package.

These are the Highly Regarded JE Pistons, Custom Made in the USA; Custom Gaskets, Made in the USA!!,

Note that the Competitors Kit are commonly only 9.8:1 Compression and Competitors pistons and gaskets are made in China.

SV Racing Parts High Quality - High Compression Pistons are Engineered and Made right here in the USA: with 12.5:1 Compression .

Our SV Racing Parts Pistons come with Full Coating Treatments on the Pistons Side Walls to Reduce Friction and the Pistons Dome come with Top Coatings for longer life;

We include Cometic Head Gasket and Replacement Base Gasket to provide Superb Reliability - Providing Made in the USA Quality to the MiniGP MR150R

Order the Awesome SV Racing Parts, Made in the USA Full Race Stage 3 Cam at the same time from the drop down boxes for a Complete MiniGP MR150R - True 150cc Made in the USA High Compress Piston Upgrade kit.

SV Racing Parts, Full Race Stage 3 Cam is simply the best. Easy Install at the same time as the Awesome MR150R - True 150cc High Compression Upgrade Kit. Turns the MR150R into a Torque and HP Monster meant for Adult Level Fun!!

Enjoy it with your Kids as well....

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