KAYO - Made in the USA MiniGP MR150RR 58mm -True 150cc 12.5:1 High Compression Piston Kit - Super September Sale -

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The Made in the USA!! SV Racing Parts, KAYO MiniGP MR150R - True 150cc 12.5:1 High Compression Piston Kit - is Finally Released and Ready Shipping to Your Door today: - Super September Sale Price at $200 - cost Only Price for September -

This Awesome: Made in the USA MiniGP MR150R -True 150cc 12.5:1 High Compression Piston Kit has a 12.5:1 High Compression Piston and Made in the USA New Cometic Head and Base Gasket set Included in the Package.

These are the Highly Regarded JE Pistons, Custom Made in the USA; Custom Gaskets, Made in the USA!!, Installation requires a Minor Bore and Honing of Cylinder - Pisto to Wall Clearance is provided in the Instructions included in the JE Piston Box.

Note that the Competitors Kit are commonly only 9.8:1 Compression and Competitors pistons and gaskets are made in China.

SV Racing Parts High Quality - High Compression Pistons are Engineered and Made right here in the USA: with 12.5:1 Compression .

Our SV Racing Parts Pistons come with Full Coating Treatments on the Pistons Side Walls to Reduce Friction and the Pistons Dome come with Top Coatings for longer life;

We include Cometic Head Gasket and Replacement Base Gasket to provide Superb Reliability - Providing Made in the USA Quality to the MiniGP MR150R

Order the Awesome SV Racing Parts, Made in the USA Full Race Stage 3 Cam at the same time from the drop down boxes for a Complete MiniGP MR150R - True 150cc Made in the USA High Compress Piston Upgrade kit.

SV Racing Parts, Full Race Stage 3 Cam is simply the best. Easy Install at the same time as the Awesome MR150R - True 150cc High Compression Upgrade Kit. Turns the MR150R into a Torque and HP Monster meant for Adult Level Fun!!

Enjoy it with your Kids as well....

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