KAYO MiniGP -2017 - 2023 KAYO MiniGP MR150R - Custom Wound Fork Springs with SVRP Fork Lug Kits -

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Perfect Upgrade - High Quality - Made in the USA - Suspensions - Made for Riders - 90lbs or 290 lbs -

We have the Correct Weight of Made in the USA Custom Wound Fork Spring here - In Stock - Ready to Ship to you Today - Worldwide - Perfect Upgrade to Fully Remove All Stiction Issues from OEM MiniGP MR150R Forks - Fast and Easy -

Perfect on - 2017 - 2023 KAYO MiniGP MR150R Bikes - These are the Custom Wound Fork Springs, Made in the USA, Created by Traxxion Dynamics under contract order for SV Racing Parts LLC.

You only need to provide your - Riders Weight - out of the shower, no gear on, - And We will Ship you the correct Weight Springs with FREE Correct weight Fork Oil to use - They come Complete with Instructions on Setting the Oil Height and Fork Set up.

Eliminates the Fork Stiction to give you the Front Fork Performance you always wanted on your KAYO MiniGP MR150 Race Bike - 2017 - 2023 models

Sweetheart Deal - $299.99 with SVRP Geometrically Correct Fork Lugs Included - Made in the USA!!

Correct weight Fork Oil to use available from drop down boxes

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