KAYO MiniGP - Both - Front and Rear Stand set by SV Racing Parts

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Brand NEW!!! - Both - KAYO - Ohvale - Bucci - MiniGP Front and Rear Stand set manufactured by SV Racing Parts.

Perfect for use on KAYO MiniGP Race Bikes, NSR50 Race Bikes, NSF100 Race Bikes, YSR Race Bikes and Similar Style Race Bikes. Just Like Big Bike Stands, Only Sized for MiniGP Style Race Bikes

Rear Stand Comes with V attachments for use with Rear Stand Swing Arm Sliders, And they come with Rubberized Paddles for use on bikes Swing Arm underside lift.
Front Stand come with 5 most commonly used Steering Stem Pins Included and also includes our own SV Racing Parts, Custom Pin sized specifically for KAYO Mini GP Bikes Steering Stem
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