KAYO MiniGP MR125 - MiniGP MR150R Fork Lugs to Correct Axle Placement for Perfect Rake and Trail

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These SV Racing Parts, KAYO, MiniGP MR125 and MiniGP MR150R - Fork Lugs Correct the Axle Placement to provide the Perfect Rake and Trail to exactly match the exact Rake and Trail as on the Honda NSR50 and NSF100 Models.

Fits Both the North American and European Models; This Custom CNC Machined, Black Powder Coated Upgrade brings the Front End of the KAYO MiniGP MR125 - MR150 models up to Standard for Fork and Axle Alignment to Take the Twitch out of the KAYO MR125 - 150 Front end coming out of Corners...... Huge Benefit and Huge Upgrade.... . Awesome Performance... Superb Value!!

Awesome, SV Racing Parts, Sweetheart Deal at $110 for the Pair of Custom CNC Fork Lugs.

This is the Perfect Opportunity to Install the Made in the USA Custom Wound Fork Springs to Match your Weight to the earlier KAYO MR125 or the New Model 2020 KAYO MR150R Race Bikes Suspension to Get a Really Dial in the Front End and Front Forks for your weight and Riding Style.

Awesome Custom Wound Fork Springs with Correct wt Fork Oil included with Instructions on setting them up. Sweetheart Deal at $150 and Made in the USA!!

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