Latest Generation, KAYO MiniGP MR150R Race/Training Bikes; with Honda Based CRF150F Style Engine, Bullet Proof Engine, 5 Speed Transmission, Optional Electric Starter (Plug and Play style of kit) - Complete with Lightweight, Made in the USA, Full Spectrum Military Grade Lithium Battery. 12 Inch Wheels,

Free Extended Length Adult Sized Seat/Tail Section comes with Bike - Free Black Custom SV Racing Parts MiniGP Front and Rear Racing Stands - Free Sliders to Pass Tech Inspection Everywyere -

SVRP Pro Level - 3 Temperature 12 Inch Tire Warmers Option Available.

Optional - Made in the USA - High Compression 12.5:1 - Piston Kits to make it a True 150cc Or Choose the Big Bore 190 cc Kit - Available now - https://www.svracing Parts.com/KAYO Email Directly to Reserve One Today.... Awesome Performance... Superb Value!! Bullet Proof Engines - 5 Speed Transmissions - Email Now... b.layton@svracingparts.com

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