KAYO MiniGP earlier MR125 and the New MiniGP MR150R - Full Race, SV Racing Parts, High Quality, Aluminum Sub-Frames 2012 - 2021 model years

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SV Racing Parts, New, High Quality, Lightweight Aluminum, Full Race Sub-Frames allow the Small Bore Motorcycle Racer to use the same Technology Reduce Unsprung Weight and Mass as the Bike Racers at affordable price. Awesome Performance... Superb Value!!

Awesome Performance... Superb Value!!

Save ~3 lbs over your Stock Sub-Frame and as a Bonus you receive the SV Racing Parts Titanium Sub-Frame Bolts and Nuts Shipped Free with the Sub-frames. All MR125 - MR150R Model Years of Frame from 2012 to 2021.

Save a further ~3 lbs and order the Full Race Aluminum Swing Arm at the same time for the 2012 - 2016 Earlier Yamaha TTR 125 Engine based MR125 models.

And if You want to really bring your KAYO Unsprung Mass Around You can Save Even More Weight and Un-Sprung Mass with the SV Racing Parts Titanium Axle Option Available from the Drop Down Boxes.

Half the Weight of OEM Steel Axles. Only $40 for either Titanium Front Axle and Titanium Nut or Rear Axle and Titanium Nut or Save Another $5 and order Both Front and Rear Axle Sets together at only $75 for both.

SV Racing Parts, Custom Made High Quality Aluminum Race Sub-Frames are Excellent Parts that will serve you well!!

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