KAYO - SVRP - New - MiniGP MR150R Undertail Full Race Exhaust - 2017 - 2023 models - Made in the USA - Full Exhaust System... Super Sale Price

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KAYO ...SVRP - MiniGP MR150R Undertail - Made in the USA - Full Exhaust System. From SV Racing Parts - We made the Original Undertail Race Exhausts for the early 2012 - 2016 KAYO MiniGP Bikes in conjunction with Tyga Racing - Now we are Making them for the Gen 2 - (2017 - 2023) KAYO MiniGP MR150R and Producing the best MiniGP MR150R Race Exhausts anywhere - Right here in the USA...!!

These are made with the Correct Bends and the Correct Diameter of Pipes for Our KAYO Air Cooled - Honda based Engines - Competitors bending machines are using larger diameter pipes because they cannot bend the same way we do in the USA plant.

2017 - 2023 models - Made in the USA - Undertail Full Exhaust System for New Model Honda Based Engine. ... Unbeatable - Super Sale Price -

Solid 3 HP Gain over Stock Exhaust - Only Correct Sized Pipes offered on Aftermarket Exhausts for the KAYO - Bent Right - Sized Right -

Provides Harder Drive Out of the Corners - Provides Better Exhaust Flow All the Way from the Head to out the end of the Exhaust Canister...!! Competitors Brag about being Gangsta.... and Loud Sound - We ignore that and Focus on Correct Engineering - Smooth Exhaust Flow - Free Removable Decibel Insert so that you can meet All Track Requirements on Sound without being sent home as a Gangstetr sounding Gangsta... SV Racing Parts, Mantra has Long Been; Ride Harder.. Go Faster,,,!! Be Better...!!!

Free Removable - Decibel Insert Baffle - Included in the Exhaust Canister price - No Extra Chages. SS Pipes and Brackets are Made in the USA. Canister has removable Sound Dampener and was DYNO Tested to match the Exhaust System...

Free Replacement Honda Exhaust Gasket.

This Undertail Full Exhaust allows the Engine to Spin Up much Faster for Improved Acceleration and to provide Increased Drive out of the corners and more;

Perfectly Matched to the SV Racing Parts, Full Race PWK 28mm Carburetor Kit: Includes SV Racing Parts, Custom CNC Machined Aluminum Carburetor Manifold, Silicone/Rubberized Joiner and Clamps and Free Flow Air Filter with Quick Throttle and Throttle Cable and Bars for Quick Throttle and Replacement Handle Grips included with the PWK 28mm Race Carburetor Upgrade... Sweet Deal...!!

Full Race Undertail Exhaust Comes as a Sweetheart Deal at $394.99; - Full System Undertail - Free Shipping in the USA!!

- Lowest Cost Shipping Worldwide -

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