Nextup Quick Shifter for Carbureted Bikes

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Distributed by SV Racing Parts, and Featuring Stainless Steel Construction, Full Hex-Head Wrench Flats, and Waterproof Internals the Custom patent pending Nextup Quick Shifter is built to handle the toughest race track conditions and provide you with great value.

Combined with the Custom Nextup Controller Box, the Nextup Quick Shifter is a powerful tool at an affordable price.  The Nextup Controller Box Allows you to Set your Shift Times for Full Throttle Clutchless Up Shifts to get you up to speed faster and bring your lap times down immediately.

Super Value for a complete solution to mounting and utilizing Quick Shifter Technology on your carbureted bikes; this price includes both the Nextup Quick Shifter and the Nextup Controller Box.

Basic Wiring Kit is also available from the drop down box to make installation easy with all the wiring items you will want.

Initially Setup for Push or Pull Action based on your Bike Setup;

The Nextup Quick Shifter Kits includes a stainless steel rod kit that can be used to Mount the Nextup Quick Shifter in one of six different ways, making it the most versatile Quick Shifter on the market.

Designed to Simply Work Right with your Bike and Built with Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction the Nextup Quick Shifter is the Ideal Go Fast Part to bring down your lap times right now.

The Nextup Quick Shifters are not bike specific so you can move them from bike to bike including if you go from Carbureted to a Fuel Injected bike later.  In this case all you will need to get is your bike models FI Harness from us to fully utilize the Nextup Quick Shifter and Nextup Controller Box potential,

SV Racing Parts has Kits in stock for most all Carbureted and Fuel Injected Japanese bikes and others including the Daytona 675. 

Fuel Injected Models using PC III can plug right in with a low cost, available adapter plug, while PC V Models wire directly into the PC with no adapter or Controller required.

Our unique Bike Specific FI Harnesses and Controller Box Add On Features take Nextup to the Next Level of Riding Performance.  These items available separately.

Choose push or pull for your Nextup Quick Shifter from the drop down box

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