Race Tech DL1000 Compression Gold Valves

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The Patented Race Tech G2- R Compression Gold Valves are the Industry Standard against which all other products in this category are compared. They are the most adjustable and reliable system for our cartridge forks and are superb when used with the DL1000.

Order the Multi Size Hex Axle Tool to make removing the front Axle and Wheel with this Tool sweet and easy.

They are the best you can buy, and value priced. 

Save over $20 off the regular price for the Race Tech G2-R Compression Gold Valves.

In stock and ready to ship to you today.

Use the link to view the product details at  http://www.racetech.com/#

Email me directly at svracingparts.com/contact/ I have used these parts for years. They work great and I recommend them for you.

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