SV Racing Parts, Racing Lap Timer and Transmitter Beacon

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The Original; Do not be confused by imitations. We have Shipped Thousands of our SV Racing Parts, Lap Timers Worldwide.

Racer Designed, SV Racing Parts, Race Track Lap Timer and Transmitter Beacon.
Automatic Start.
Records up to 64 laps (can be used over and over).
Compatible for use with AIM and XT beacon / transmitters.
Timer Recognizes the Xt and AIM Beacons as it passes them.
CE/EMC certified, 0.02s/lap accuracy.
Long Battery Life.

Receiver: 60mm x 40mm x 12mm.
Easy to use!

LED Screen for easy visibility.

6' external power cable from Timer Display to Timer Receiver for ease of installation.

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