SV1000 MotoSliders No Cut Frame Sliders: Perfect Fit for SV1000 OEM Full Fairings

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Our SV Racing Parts SV1000 No Cut Frame Sliders by MotoSliders for the SV1000 with OEM Full Fairings. MotoSliders Frame Sliders and matching Swing Arm Sliders Combination provide the best fit, the highest level of precision machining and the best protection you can get for your SV1000. Super Sweet deal Pricing at $129.99 with Free Shipping in the USA...!!

These are the No Cut Frame Sliders you want for your bikes in Anodized Black.

The SV1000 No Cut Frame Slider features a single through bolt that goes through the entire frame and engine as well as secondary mount points.

This creates the VERY Strongest Frame Slider mounting possible for the SV1000 with OEM Lowers and Full Fairing Motorcycles.

The 12mm custom made 8.8 grade hardened steel bolt is zinc plated for corrosion resistance, and is by far stronger than the OEM engine through bolts, as are the other mounting bolts.

Complete with easy directions to install, you will be impressed with this design.

Matching Swing Arm Sliders also available to order from drop down box.

Bar End Sliders Available to Order from Drop Down Box.

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