XT Mini Lap Timer


XT Mini Lap Timer 00066

Racer Designed, XT Mini Lap Timer   Perfect for SuperMoto, MotoCross, or anytime mounting space is an issue.   Lap Timers will reduce your Lap Times by making you aware of your real times, letting you know where you can pick up time fast.

The basic functionality of the Ultra-Lap, but packaged in a much smaller case made of plastic. The Mini-Lap has an IR eyeball pointing out both sides for easy mounting. This unit, for all intents and purposes, is a stripped-down Ultra-Lap with just the bare essentials for timing laps. It holds only 40 laps, and has none of the personalization like the Ultra-Lap and is intended for people who may not be ready to purchase a full-price lap timing system.

* Plastic housing
* 40 lap storage
* 99 lap counter
* Auto turn-off
* Best lap indicator
* IR sensors on both sides

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XT Mini Lap Timer